Who is TLX Interactive?

The driving creative force behind TLX Interactive is the team of Alex and Todd. Throughout their respective careers, they have shown the kind of initiative of thought of and action required to lead the way in these tumultuous times of ever increasing technological and social change.


VP, creative design


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About Todd 

Todd's experience in design/animation/editing/digital fx has served him well as he  left the world of Broadcast (Turner Broadcasting) and headed for Interactive. "I'm thrilled to be able to bring all of my experience, talent, and passion to bear on client based projects as well as our own initiatives at TLX."

Todd's Specialties:

Digital design (film/video/web), digital FX (Motion graphics/identity branding/compositing/animation), U.G.C creation and facilitation (crowdsourcing/ video clips/animated content), strategic consulting (Web/Broadcast/Mobile).

Todd interviewed for OZ Magazine

Article in OZ magazine on-line.

Todd getting Kudos from Colleagues

“Todd is one of those brilliant individuals, who if he doesn't know something, you can bet that he'll figure it out. Todd is meticulous and takes pride in every endeavor.” December 14, 2007

Monda Ray, Post Production Supervisor, Triple Horse Productions
worked with Todd at Turner Studios

Todd's Honors

Emmy Award - Turner Broadcasting
Telly Award - Turner Broadcasting
Broadcast Design Association (B.D.A.) Award - Turner Broadcasting


VP, solution development


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About Alex 

Alex has been developing creative solutions to complex software problems professionally since 1995. Having previously worked for multiple scientific software firms and fortune 500 companies, in 2005 Alex founded Platinum Code Solutions, LLC, a rapidly growing software consultancy located near Boulder, CO, and has joined forces with Todd to form TLX Interactive, his second startup entrepeneurial venture.

Alex's Specialties

Alex's areas of focus include image processing, machine learning, software and web development, 3-D scientific visualization, middleware, and network architecture. Alex specializes in C++, Java, and Python solutions on a variety of platforms.


“Alex is one of the most intelligent professionals I have ever worked with... he can capture the key points of the complex problems, analyze and solve the problems with the thorough logic behind... the longer you work with him, the greater you will realize Alex's talents and his potentials. He is the asset any company wants to have and retain.”

Yang Wang, Nissan Motor Corporation, September 30, 2007